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Welcome to the UK Chapter of the IAA

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IAA World Congress

Wednesday 27th May 2020

IAA World Congress


The IAA World Congress — is the most influential global platform to discuss a development strategy of the marketing communications industry amongst the world’s leading, visionary founders as well as global, C-level suite executives.

The host cities for the IAA World Congress have always been the largest world’s business centers, including Beijing, London, Moscow, Washington, Dubai. But starting last year, the association decided to switch to selecting cities in terms of their cultural value or technology innovation. Kochi (India) became the first city to host the Congress in February 2019.

45th World Congress 2020 will be held on May 27-29, 2020 in St. Petersburg, Russia, known for its rich artistic heritage. The Congress will become the major activity in the communications industry in Russia and the must attend event for the rest of the world.

Leading experts and speakers with great experience in the industry, authorities’ representatives, young specialists will gather in St. Petersburg to discuss opportunities for emphasizing of strategic partnership between communications market participants and development of communications industry within a 2030 perspective.

The Marcom industry is in the midst of revolution. It is common knowledge that technology is dramatically reshaping the way products and services are sold. In a mobile-first world, access to goods and services is infinite, and purchase is instantaneous.

On top of all this, something more fundamental is happening. The relationship between consumers and brands is evolving at warp speed. We are moving from a "tell and sell" world to the one in which consumers, fueled by new technologies, have more power in deciding what, where, when and how they buy. And how they interact.

"Power to people", the key topic of the 2020 World Congress, will dive deep into this sea change and the implications it has on brands, consumers and the society.

A new era of consumer empowerment touches every angle of marketing — from privacy concerns and new forms of creativity to the importance of data protection in making personalised product/service offerings. At the same time, timeless fundamentals of creating high value brands remain as relevant as ever to high performance of any company.

Join us in St. Petersburg! We gather the brightest industry stars to share their expertise on how to win on today’s commercial landscape.

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Wednesday 27th May 2020

3-day conference

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