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Welcome to the UK Chapter of the IAA

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25th March 2021

Global Brand Think Tank

The IAA’s free-to-attend Global Brand Thank Tank returns in 2021 bringing together brand marketers to discuss the issues that matter most to them.

The series will run virtually across H1 2021, moderated and in partnership with Mediatel, with the hope of a return to physical format later in the year.

We asked 100 marketers which 4 subject matters kept them up night most that they'd most like to discuss amongst their peers: 

Trust + Transparency
Never has trust in information been more important: be it the news we consume or the data we're provided. As an advertiser are the platforms your brand appears on trustworthy? Do they provide ‘brand safe’ environments? Are the metrics you are being delivered by agencies, media owners and tech partners transparent? How much trust and transparency should we expect to have and who can help provide it?

Immediacy of Results vs. Brand Building
CMO’s today are only in their positions for on average 18 months, with progressive annual (and often quarterly) business and sales targets. Given that there is evidence that long-term brand building is more effective to business growth, than short-term performance-related marketing, why is this so difficult to achieve? Where is there best practice where a business has supported a long-term vision and how can you action this closer to home?

Post COVID-19 Marketing
We all remember the rinse-and-repeat marketing that appeared at the beginning of the pandemic, as brands were scrambling to re-direct budgets to supportive messages to their customers. Now we are in the #NewNormal marketing world, how has our marketing changed? From branding to greater reliance on digital marketing and ecommerce, how have you, as brand marketers been adapting your messages, how have your agency partners helped you and which new relationships are forming on the back of a changing marketing landscape?

Creativity, Brand Storytelling + Brand Purpose
The importance of storytelling and brand purpose was becoming a centrepiece of marketing strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands before the Pandemic, and now we’re in a remote and more inclusive world, it’s absolutely critical! How have brands pivoted during the last year, where are good examples of how brand purpose has improved the bottom line and how difficult is it, especially for large brands, to adapt themselves in these fast-changing and dynamic times.

Sponsor Opportunities available (1 sponsor only per event):

  • Branding on all invites + during the virtual event
  • Co-branded promotion across social channels
  • Opportunity to have relevant speaker on panel
  • Presence on virtual networking platform post-event
  • Opportunity to invite clients
  • Access to guest names post-event (through Eventbrite opt-in feature)
  • Sponsored video summaries of each virtual panel and the in-person event
  • Post-panel write-ups and social media


£2,500 members or £5,000 non-members (contact kirsty@iaauk.london for more information)



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