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Welcome to the UK Chapter of the IAA

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Wednesday 13th November 2019

LinkedIn, The Ray, 119 Farringdon Road, C1R 3DA


Women in the creative industries are still earning less and being passed over for promotion despite ongoing campaigning to achieve equality.  This affects wellbeing and general confidence, manifesting in a biased view of women through marketing and advertising. Less than 3% of adverts depict women in leadership roles, being intelligent or having a sense of humour.

Leading female comedy community Funny Women launched HERlarious last year with the aim of changing the narrative by encouraging more women to take the creative lead in agencies or marketing teams and not settle for the ‘housekeeping’ roles. This has centred around a series of events aimed at the creative industries with a mix of workshops, panel discussion and endorphin-inducing live comedy.

This HERlarious Comedy for Creatives series took place on Wednesday 13th November hosted at the UK headquarters of LinkedIn in central London, in partnership with Mediatel and the IAA.

HERlarious – Comedy, Wellbeing and Confidence for Creatives - explored some of the issues that more commonly affect women more than men, like working alone, returning to work after caring for family and feeling side-lined in the creative workspace. 

Delegates took part in two workshops followed by a lively panel discussion about how we can change the narrative with some very strong and funny women including Victoria Hargreaves aka “The crafty fox” who inadvertently became a social media influencer after getting bored on maternity leave and oversharing details of both her life and her anatomy. 

Victoria was in conversation with journalist and broadcaster, Harriet Minter, host of Badass Women’s Hour on TalkRadio and former editor of the Guardian Women in Leadership, and Laura Smyth the recently crowned Stage Award winner in this year’s Funny Women Awards. The evening culminated in some brilliant live comedy featuring Laura and some of her contemporaries.

6.00pm - 9.00pm



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