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Professional Development Committee

Behind the Curtains of Pitching

Tuesday 25th July 2017


What really happens in an agency pitch?

A summer’s evening overlooking the Thames at MEC’s beautiful Sea Containers headquarters was where the IAA Professional Development Committee held their third and best event to date: Behind the Curtains of Pitching, addressing a key activity relevant to all media and advertising professionals.

The focus was to select a line-up of speakers who could unveil the business motivations behind an agency pitch process and reveal its inner workings, from the client brief to end proposal. In addition, we delved into the behavioural science behind the art of persuasion in pitch development and delivery.

The initial panel of three - Credit Suisse's Nicky Owen, ID Comms' Tom Denford and OMD EMEA's John Doré - presented the challenges faced by the brand, creative and media agency stakeholders and left a clear message to the audience: get involved!

Dr Jillian Ney helped the audience understand how the power of persuasion is a data driven exercise that agencies can and should optimise.

The evening ended with Chris Carmichael, CMO of Homelyfe, bridging the gap between all stakeholders and demystifying the complexity of pitching.

The IAA Professional Development Committee's next event will be Speed Mentoring on 20 September. Mentors to be revealed soon.



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