Welcome to the UK Chapter of the International Advertising Association

Welcome to the UK Chapter of the IAA

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The Global Compass for Marketing and Communications


The International Advertising Association is the world’s only globally-focused integrated advertising trade association with membership representing advertisers, agencies and the media. 

Founded in 1938, the International Advertising Association has never been more relevant. With so many changes in the way we use advertising to communicate, it’s important for everyone in the industry to have a trusted body they can turn to for advice and support.


Who we are

On the ground, we have over 4,000 individual and corporate members spanning marketing, advertising, media, IT communications and academic sectors – all involved in the wide range of brand marketing and marketing communications disciplines. The IAA has presence in most markets through Chapters and education affiliates reaching across 56 countries where we serve the collective interests of the entire marketing communications profession, unlike other bodies that defend only the interests of the sector they represent.

Our Mission

  • The IAA is committed to be the Global Compass of the marketing communications industry.
  • We point towards excellence in meaningful creativity that helps our constituents remain true to the timeless principles of building strong brands and forging meaningful relationships with the consumers they serve and the society in which we live.
  • We use our thought leadership, initiatives in education, continuous development programs and world-class conferences, to help navigate through the ever-changing areas of regulation, technology that empowers, and the aspirations of increasingly confident consumers.
  • We are a unique network of marketers, advertising agencies, media, tech-companies and educators who are responsibly and constantly evaluating what is new, while remaining rooted to our core belief that “what’s good, is good for business”.

Our Values

  • Creativity that both inspires people to take action and solves business and societal challenges.
  • Advocacy to protect and advance the freedom of commercial speech and consumer choice, while defending the responsible communications industry against unwarranted bans and restrictions.
  • Industry Forum to debate emerging professional marketing communications issues and their consequences in the fast-changing environment.
  • Continuous Professional Development of practitioners so they are ready to face the constant changes with practical insights of industry issues and knowledge of what’s coming next, to help better navigate outcomes.
  • Education that nurtures student communities and contributes to career-readiness and speedier recruitment by exposing them to “best-in-class” curriculae .



2021 Global Outlook Lunch

2021 Global Outlook Lunch

21st January 2022

Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring

20th October 2021

21 Women 2021

21 Women 2021

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