Prices & Benefits

As an IAA member you are uniquely positioned at the center of a global community that understands the whole equation of advertising and the role it plays in the wider world.

As part of your membership package you receive preferential access to our thought-leadership programs, personal development events, and insights.

IAA membership is open to all individuals and enterprises in professional marketing, advertising and communications. Membership packages are tailored to suit the specific needs of our members and monitored regularly to ensure that we are consistently delivering the best value to the industry. Our newest innovation, the introduction of our new company membership package, helps organisations keep costs down and provide their employees with unfettered access to our vast range of services.

Membership Categories, Age Bands and Pricing

Full Member (35-55 years): £195 excluding VAT

Young Professional (20-35 years): £55 excluding  VAT

Senior Member (+55 years): £30 excluding VAT

Company Membership:

1 – 500+ members: Price on application

For information on our membership packages contact or fill in an application form online.